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Media Void: A Thriving Community for Media Enthusiasts

Media Void is the premier destination for fans of movies, TV shows, games, and more. As the founder and lead developer, I am dedicated to ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for all members. Join discussions, share insights, and explore the world of media with fellow enthusiasts. Features include community leadership, innovative feature implementations, and continuous enhancements to user interactions.

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Skynet Bot: Revolutionizing Discord Interactions

Skynet Bot enhances the Discord experience for Media Void's community through advanced automation. My role as developer ensures that the bot continuously evolves, adding features that foster connectivity and streamline management. Notable features include game integrations, media search tools, and advanced moderation capabilities.

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nzbFLIX: Your Premier Usenet Indexer for Media

nzbFLIX offers an exclusive collection of Movies, TV Shows, Anime, and Books in various resolutions. As the technical lead, I focus on providing the best content in a user-friendly format. It features a curated selection of high-quality content, an efficient request system, and exclusive access for members.

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